低压安全阀 0.2–15 psig

Accurate cracking pressure
Eliminates sticking
In-line or vent to atmosphere with deflector cap
Adjustable cracking pressure
Zero leakage
Optional factory preset

CIRCLE SEAL安全阀L500系列插图

Body Construction Materials Brass, 316 stainless steel
O-ring Materials Buna N, ethylene propylene, Kalrez®, neoprene, silicone, Viton®
Spring Materials 302 stainless steel
Cracking Pressure .2 psig to 15 psig
Operating Pressure 0 to 25 psig (1.72 BAR)
Inline Valve Proof Pressure 37.5 psig (2.59 BAR)
Inline Valve Burst Pressure Above 100 psig (6.89 BAR)
Temperature Range -70° F to +550° F (-57° C to +288° C)
Connection Sizes ¼” to ½”
Orifice Size 0.281˝

CIRCLE SEAL安全阀L500系列插图1


circle seal安全阀 533B-2M-4.5 黄铜 Neoprene 1/4 in 4.5 psig
circle seal安全阀 533B-2M-80 黄铜 Neoprene 1/4 in 80 psig
circle seal安全阀 533B-3M-10 黄铜 Neoprene 3/8 in 10 psig
circle seal安全阀 533B-4M-0.5 黄铜 Neoprene 1/2 in 0.5 psig
circle seal安全阀 533T1-2M-100 316不锈钢 Neoprene 1/4 in 100 psig
circle seal安全阀 533T1-2M-25 316不锈钢 Neoprene 1/4 in 25 psig
circle seal安全阀 533T1-2M-60 316不锈钢 Neoprene 1/4 in 60 psig
circle seal安全阀 533T1-2MP-25 316不锈钢 Neoprene 1/4 in 25 psig
circle seal安全阀 533T1-2MP-60 316不锈钢 Neoprene 1/4 in 60 psig