CIRCLE SEAL 截止阀9300 Series

• Leakproof in vacuum or pressure service
• No stem leakage
• Minimum pressure drop
• Very low turning torque
• Eff ortless, fi ngertip operation
• Can be used for throttling service
• Positive position indication

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Body Construction Materials Brass
O-ring Materials Buna N, Neoprene or Viton®
Operating Pressures Vacuum to 150 psig (10 bar)
Proof Pressure 300 psig (21 bar)
Burst Pressure (Minimum) Over 500 psig (34 bar)
Temperature Range 0° F to +400° F (−17.8° C to +204° C)
Based on o-ring material, see “How to Order”.
Connection Sizes ¼˝, ½˝
Flow Passage 0.275˝ diameter
Leakage Zero—internal and external
Note: Proper fi ltration is recommended to prevent damage to sealing surfaces

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